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Healthy Gums in Albany

Albany Dentist
Albany Dentist

Everyone wants to have healthy, pain-free teeth, and gums that are strong and vibrant, without any sign of disease. And it’s not that difficult to put the odds distinctly in your favor. Here at Mann Dental Care, we recommend a visit every six months to our Albany dentist. You will get a thorough oral examination that includes a physical and visual inspection of your teeth, x-rays, an analysis of your bite (occlusion), and a periodontal exam to determine the condition of your gums. Furthermore, you will receive a screening for oral cancer, which is essential to early detection and the chance for the best outcomes. One thing is certain: the longer it takes to find the signs of oral cancer, the greater the risk.

Your optimal oral health begins with your habits at home. It’s wise to stick to a nutritious diet limited in sugar. You should also brush after meals and floss vigorously once per day. That will ensure that most of the plaque that forms on and between your teeth is removed, and that few food particles will remain to act as fuel for plaque. But the reality is that plaque is sneaky. It hides in gum pockets and out of the reach of your oral hygiene. And it then hardens into tartar, which is just as dangerous as plaque, but cannot be eliminated with just brushing and flossing. Our Albany dentist, however, can do that for you.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. It is usually marked by mild symptoms, and you may not even realize you have it. The bad news is that if it isn’t addressed in a timely manner, such as your visit here twice per year, it will progress to the more advanced stage of periodontitis. You can develop receding gums, persistent bad breath, gums that bleed when you brush, and even loose teeth. The good news is that all of that, and the more invasive treatment necessary to correct it, can be avoided with regular trips to see our Albany dentist. A simple teeth cleaning will usually be enough to reverse gingivitis.

And let’s not forget that preventative maintenance is less expensive than handling a crisis. Today’s filling is more cost-effective than tomorrow’s root canal therapy or extraction. And an extraction means you need a restoration to replace the lost tooth. So call us today and schedule your twice-yearly examination with our Albany dentist.

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