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Root canal therapy in Winterwood

Dentist in Winterwood
Dentist in Winterwood

If you have a toothache, you will want to visit our dental practice, Mann Dental Care, for immediate treatment. Our dentist in Winterwood, Dr. Cleveland Mann or Dr. Brian Mann, will be able to precisely determine the cause of your tooth pain and provide you with the care that you need; often when a patient has a toothache it will need to be treated with root canal therapy.

At our dental practice, we provide patients with root canal therapy to save the life of the tooth. The good news is twofold: root canal therapy can now be easily performed while our patient remains perfectly comfortable due to the use of modern local anesthesia. The second good piece of news is that root canal treatments are usually successful in saving teeth in over 90% of cases. However, if a tooth needs to have a root canal procedure performed and it does not receive it, the tooth does not have any chance of being saved. A tooth needs to have a root canal procedure performed when there is infection or damage to the interior section of the tooth, where the pulp resides. This damage can occur from dental decay or from tooth trauma. During a root canal procedure our dentist will gain access to the center of your tooth and remove all infected tooth pulp. The interior of the tooth and root canals will be cleaned and sealed to prevent any reinfection. You will most likely need to get a permanent crown at a later date to fully protect the tooth. Once our dentist in Winterwood has a chance to review your individual tooth situation, he will be able to let you know the odds of the root canal procedure being successful as well as let you know whether the root canal procedure needs to be performed in one or two office visits.

For an appointment to meet with our dentist in Winterwood for a root canal treatment, or for some other type of dental care, contact us today.

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