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CEREC Single Visit Crowns in Albany

Dentist Office in Albany
Dentist Office in Albany

Suffering from tooth damage can be difficult. Not only can it be painful, but not having it treated can actually lead to more damage in the long run. Even if your tooth is not damaged but perhaps not complete due to unevenness or other issues, your dental health may still be suffering. It is important that you have an even bite, and not just for cosmetic purposes, but for medical ones as well. Here at our dental office in Albany, Mann Dental Care, we can help provide you with what you need – dental crowns. But you will not have to wait for your prostheses to be made as we can offer you Cerec Single Visit crowns that will instantly improve your smile.

When it comes to restoring teeth in shape, size or color, dental crowns are commonly used. A dental crown is a prosthetic dental cap that can be applied to a broken, uneven, damaged or incomplete tooth in order to make it full and functional. Dental crowns are most often used to restore teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. Because a significant portion of the treated tooth is removed during this procedure, namely decayed and infected parts of the tooth, the tooth itself may be significantly uneven after the procedure is over. If root canal therapy proves to be successful, then you may need a dental crown applied on top of the tooth in order to restore its shape so that it is healthy to use regularly once more. Dental crowns may also be used to help treat broken, chipped, or damaged teeth. A crown may also be used to hold the cracked portions of a tooth in place if you have cracked tooth syndrome, and can help stop the pain associated with the condition while also restoring the tooth itself. Here at Mann Dental Care we can help provide you with the crowns that you need, and we can get them ready for you in just one day. We offer Cerec Single Visit Crowns that can be applied all in one visit so you do not have to wait a period of time between having your teeth looked at and a mold taken until you have your full crown applied.

Traditional crowns generally require that you first take a mold of the tooth so that your dentist knows how to design the crown. You will be given a temporary crown in the interim and will need to return at a later date to have the real crown applied. Here at our dentist office in Albany, however, we can get your crown in place in just one day. If you need a dental crown, then consider the benefits of Cerec Single Visit Crowns here at Mann Dental Care.

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