Sedation dentistry Albany

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Albany oral sedation

Mann Dental Care specializes in sedation dentistry for patients who have high dental anxiety or need a stronger sedation for having dental procedures done. Our practice has been serving the Albany area and its surroundings for many years. We offer our patients only the best in care and pride ourselves on providing them with a fun and safe environment at which they can feel at home in. Our specialties extend to general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Albany oral sedation

Our Albany oral sedation is given to you as an oral medication before your appointment. That way you’re totally relaxed before your procedure. The medication allows you to fully relax by the time your procedure begins. If you are choosing to receive oral sedation, we require that you must have an escort on the day of the procedure. Patients must be driven to and from appointments. Many patients opt for sedation dentistry for different things. Our root canal treatment helps to alleviate tooth decay and inflammation or infection. It can help save natural teeth from being pulled. After root canal therapy, most teeth last as long as other natural teeth, but in some cases, the tooth fails to heal. It can cause re-infection and need to be retreated. We perform root canal re-treatments which removes the old root canal filling material and replaces it again using a new root canal therapy.

Albany oral sedation can easily be done by request and an appointment with our doctor. You will first be given a prescription for an oral medication before the appointment. The medication allows you to fully relax so that you are totally at ease before your first appointment and during the procedure. Again, when receiving oral sedation, a patient must have an escort on the day of the procedure. This escort must drive them to and from our offices to keep them safe.