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Teeth Cleaning in Albany

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Teeth cleaning in Albany
Teeth cleaning in Albany

If you are concerned with the health of your teeth and gums you probably brush and floss every day. However this alone will not ensure that you have good dental health. In order to be sure that your gums and teeth remain healthy it is important to get teeth cleaning in Albany as well as have regularly-scheduled dental exams.

When you are looking for a great dental practice for teeth cleaning in Albany, and for periodic dental exams, you can do no better than to visit our dental practice, Mann Dental Care. Our dentists are highly-trained experts in the field who work to make sure that their patients receive excellent and personalized dental care. Our dentists are Dr. Cleveland Mann and Dr. Brian Mann. Our practice specializes in preventive, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. Comprehensive dental exams and teeth cleanings are two preventive procedures that not only are very important to maintaining oral health, but they can actually save you money as well. When dental problems are found in the early stages they are generally much easier to treat, and much less costly to treat as well.

For example, if during a teeth cleaning in Albany it is determined that you are beginning to develop gum disease, this problem can usually be very easily fixed; our dentist will recommend that you have several teeth cleanings over the coming few months to reverse the situation. However, if you do not come in to see our dentist, and this problem is not discovered early, the problem will go on and become much more serious. When gum disease is allowed to progress there can be many serious developments including loose teeth and teeth falling out. A gum infection can also go on to affect other parts of your body calling for immediate medical treatment. During a dental exam our dentist will also look for any signs of oral cancer. If early signs are seen, you will be able to have early treatment of the disease which can even prove to be life-saving. There are many other reasons to see our dentist on a regular basis. When cavities are caught early they can be very easily and painlessly treated. However, if a cavity is allowed to progress, it will become bigger and possibly even reach the center of your tooth. At this point you are dealing with a very painful situation that will probably call for root canal therapy. We hope that you will contact our office today for a complete dental exam and teeth cleaning.

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