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Causes of Oral Pain in Albany Georgia

At Mann Dental Care we provide evaluation and diagnosis of oral pain and schedule surgery for endodontics or treatment of damaged teeth, cavities, or dislodged teeth. Oral pain can be the result of a few different causes, including the need for a root canal, a cavity, or gum disease. A root canal, or endodontic procedure, helps save the tooth after tooth decay. If you are suffering from a toothache Albany Georgia, call our office to come in for an appointment to find out the cause of your oral pain before it gets worse.

Teeth contain pulp inside them. The pulp nourishes the tooth around it and gives it life. If tooth decay sets in, it can damage the pulp inside the tooth. When this happens, we may require a root canal treatment. Symptoms that the pulp may be inflamed and in need a root canal procedure include sensitivity to heat, cold and and certain foods or percussion on the tooth. Root canals are designed to remove the infected pulp, which saves the entire tooth from needing extraction. Your toothache Albany Georgia can lead to a greater problem, such as an abscess, which is an infection that can be dangerous. Don’t wait to see your dentist if you are experiencing oral pain.

During your root canal, our dentist removes the damaged pulp, cleans, and then seals the tooth. The entire procedure is simple and involves only a local anesthesia. Endodontic therapy is not painful and once completed, a crown is placed over it to protect the area. Most patients have a 90% success rate. If a root canal procedure is not successful, it can be attempted again at some point. For more information on toothache Albany Georgia causes, call our offices to speak to a staff member and to find out more today.

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