Winterwood teeth whitening

Winterwood Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening in Winterwood

Winterwood teeth whitening
Winterwood teeth whitening

A warm inviting smile can be a person’s entrance pass to a new friendship but for those people who have stained and discolored teeth a smile may be too embarrassing to show the world. For those smile challenged people Winterwood teeth whitening might be just the thing they need to get their smile back. As they age almost everyone’s smile loses most of its shiny brilliance, decades of eating and drinking, smoking or the use of some prescription drugs can stain teeth and rob them of their white sheen. To restore our patient’s white teeth, we offer several teeth whitening treatments.

Winterwood teeth whitening can be done either in the office or by the patient at home. In either case our bleaching program starts with a set of custom fitted trays that are fabricated for each patient in a lab from impressions that our doctor takes. These custom trays are key to an effective whitening treatment since they are fitted to hold our professional strength bleaching material snuggly against all of the patient’s teeth for maximum effectiveness of the treatment. The custom fitted tray and the professional bleaching agent are what makes our bleaching treatments so much more effective than those one-size fits all bleaching kits available in drugstores. For those patients choosing the convenience of at home bleaching they will generally use the trays with the bleaching agent for two to three hours a day for a week or two depending on the degree of staining on their teeth. Our dentist will monitor the treatment and supply any touch ups that become necessary.

Winterwood teeth whitening will lighten your teeth several shades and have a dramatic effect on your smile. The effects are not permanent though and teeth will dull again over time but should last over a year depending on what the patient eats and drinks as well as their teeth maintenance regiment. No matter which type of whitening treatment is better for you make an appointment with our practice to discuss just how to brighten your smile again.

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